Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish: This wax polish restores, refreshes and protects precious metals. It dries hard instantly, resists liquid spillage, does not show finger marks, freshens colors and imparts a soft sheen.

The British Museum uses this for fine-art conservation, Renaissance Wax Polish is a blend of highly refined micro-crystalline fossil-origin waxes. It can be used on virtually all solid surface materials - even paper.


ProtectaClear Protective Coating: Jewelry Protection for Copper, Bronze, Brass, Silver from Tarnish, Oxidation and Corrosion. I love this product but beware if you put it on a stone with a matte finish, it will now have sheen.


Liver of Sulfur: A patina is a film that develops on the surface of metal over a period of time. Due to exposure to open air and the natural process of oxidation, an aged metal such as copper and bronze tends to develop a patina. Ever notice the green color on copper roofs or weather vanes or the lovely rich dark brown color of bronze statues in the park? Those are patinas. The process by which a patina forms is called patination. Because it can naturally take from days to years to occur, in wire jewelry making we speed up the process so-to-speak and create the patina we wish our jewelry to have. There are many types of patinas, but today I'm discussing one of the more commonly used patinas, Liver-of-Sulfur.

By adding 1 teaspoon of ammonia to the solution, you'll get a very black patina. Too much ammonia and you'll get a slightly reddish patina. I prefer the black look to the brownish color LOS creates by itself.

To preserve the patina, you must apply a protective coating. The only one I've found to be effective for a long time and durable is ProtectaClear Protective Coating which prevents the metal from further oxidizing under the coating.


True-Black #5: This antiquing solution produces a light brown patina on copper, alloys, and base metals.


Finger Tape: Finger protection tape protects the fingers from cuts, burns & abrasions. It is thin and tough and allows the user to handle small articles more easily than when wearing gloves. The tape sticks only to itself, not the skin so it can easily be removed and allows the skin to breathe.\


Favorite Tools:

Dremel: The Dremel 8220 variable-speed cordless rotary tool is one of my most treasured tools. It offers the highest performance and versatility of all Dremel cordless rotary tools. I use this with steel and brass brushes for polishing my jewelry and leaving highlights in the patina after using liver of sulfur. The soft polishing pads also work great with red rouge and Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish.


Dremel Workstation: Articulating drill press, drills perpendicular and angled holes in 15-degree increments, up to 90 degrees horizontal. It holds tool at 90 degrees horizontal for tasks such as polishing jewelry, sanding different shapes and grinding metal pieces.

The flex shaft tool stand allows telescopic adjustment to any height between 16 and 29 inches, The crow's nest provides storage for drill bits, wrenches, and other accessories.


Flex Shaft Attachment: Tight spots, nooks, and corners - they're all easily within reach when you add a Flex-Shaft attachment to a rotary tool. I love the freedom of this attachment. I bought a generic one via Ebay for $10 and LOVE it! This works great on my Dremel.


Flush Cutters: Xuron Angled Flush Cutting Shear:
The angled flush side cutter allows for easier cutting in difficult areas. Xuron shears are unique in the world of cutters due to their design. Unlike a standard side cutter, the blades of Xuron cutters do not meet. They by-pass each other much the way scissors or hand shears do. The result is a cleaner flush cut. The blades will also last longer since the stress of cutting edges "banging" into each other has been eliminated.


Wire Resources:

My first choice and absolute favorite resource for wire is MonsterSlayer. Pricing is always the best and you receive your order within 2-3 days. No fuss or frills on this website but well worth the visit!


Rio Grande jewelry making supplies is also a good option for jewelry findings and gemstones, tools, jewelry supplies and equipment, and the packaging and display items.


Cabochon Resources:


Tela Formosa: The most beautiful cabs I have come across. Tela will always be my favorite!


Lizzie & Julez Freaking Cool Cabs and Stuff!: Love these girls! So fun to shop from them! They always keep it interesting.


Free tutorials:

I love this website. It's a lot of fun and has cool things to do. I recommend looking around at the free tutorials first. There are tons of great ones on here! Then start looking at the more pricey ones. Have fun looking!


Wire gauge chart and hardness: Gauge is a measurement of wire thickness with the smaller the number the thicker the wire (Ex. 4 gauge is extremely thick and 34 gauge is extremely fine.) Hardness refers to malleability or stiffness and is typically called “Full-Hard” for extremely stiff wire, “Half-Hard” for stiff wire that is still malleable and “Dead-Soft” for wire that is very easy to bend. Enclosed is a link to download many charts and conversions.


Mohs hardness scale: The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a qualitative ordinal scale that characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. In 1812 the Mohs scale of mineral hardness was devised by the German mineralogist Frederich Mohs (1773-1839), who selected the ten minerals because they were common or readily available.


Measurements Conversions: For those of us who have difficulty converting measurements such as inches to centimeters and vice are some handy printable rulers to help you:


Tutorial templates:


Word: This is a word template that I found online.


PDF: This is a PDF template that I created and use for all my tutorials. You can add/subtract pages, change out the colors, fonts, etc. It was originally created in Publisher but might site does not support it.


Blog ideas: You will find this free program a fun way to come up with blog ideas.


Places to promote your work: Salon, fair and craft shows, online, house parties, farmer’s markets, be your own billboard and wear your jewelry! Also, look at local gift stores, local mall, write tutorials, teach classes, through your own website ( I use wix).

Jewelry Care:

There are many ways you can keep your jewelry safe, clean and beautiful for a lifetime of happy wear:


Read and save any care information that came with the jewelry and follow the directions.

Use warm water with Dawn dish liquid to clean your jewelry about once a month depending on how often you wear it.


Avoid wearing when filing, gardening, using household cleaners, doing housework, washing dishes, swimming or other activities that might result in harmful contact with the jewelry.


Avoid getting makeup, hairspray, perfumes, after shave, or hand lotions on your jewelry. Always put jewelry on last when getting ready.


Be careful rummaging around in your purse. You can scratch jewelry and stones on items wandering around in there.


Wipe off jewelry after wear with a moist cloth to remove body perspiration from the surface.


Avoid chlorine bleach at all costs when wearing your jewelry, especially silver jewelry which will oxidize (turn black).


Avoid soaking jewelry or gemstones in water for long periods of time, including a bath, shower or swimming pool.

Let all jewelry air-dry before storing it in a jewelry box or armoire to avoid tarnish.


When storing jewelry, use original packaging when possible. Jewelry boxes should allow space between items, as one type and style of jewelry may scratch or damage another. Never jumble pieces of jewelry together to avoid damage and chain tangles and knots.


Avoid extreme temperatures, and avoid extremes in temperature, such as coming in from a cold, brisk walk and putting a cold ring near a hot stove. Another example is laying a ring on a window sill in bright sun, and then submerging it in hot water.


Purchase anti-tarnish strips and place them in your jewelry box to absorb humidity and ward off tarnish of all jewelry, especially silver. Ricci Designs provides one of these with each piece of jewelry purchased.



Resources and Reviews

This is a compilation of some of my favorite resources and reviews on products. You will find links, and downloads throughout. Enjoy!


   Free center point ruler download