Necklines and Necklaces

Ever find that gorgeous necklace from your favorite artist and bring it home only to wonder what the heck you are going to wear it with?

There are several variables that affect which jewelry looks best with a particular dress; probably the biggest one is the dress's neckline.

It’s very easy to wear a too small necklace that would get lost in a shirt or something too big that takes away from a dress or a shirt. I have compiled the most common necklines and necklaces to pair with them. And if you are ever really not sure you can refer to the cheat sheet.


Artfully mix sizes and shapes.


Stay above the neckline. A choker gets it right. You can go the other extreme and go for the longer (minimum 20", 50cm) style. Long chains with pendants work nicely.


Use the expanse of fabric as a backdrop to showcase one big, exquisite piece.

One shoulder:

Wear something weighty that lies on both the skin and the fabric, uniting the two.


The necklace should fill the whole space and looks best with a necklace following the V-shape, like a pendant necklace or a Y-necklace, never a round choker.

The length of the necklace depends on how deep the V-neck is and will probably be around the 45cm/18 inch mark.


Depending on shirt and occasion, you might want to go either formal or relaxed.

You can leave a couple of buttons open at the neck and accessorize with a short necklace/choker/pendant chain or you can go for a longer necklace (60cm/24" or even longer) and wear it over the shirt. What’s modern: necklaces worn inside the collar and hanging to the waistline. Tip: Buy two in different colors and wear them together.

Plunging Neckline:

You would have thought that a plunging neckline and all that exposed skin basically begs for some added sparkle, not so. The outfit makes the statement here and any type of necklace would just take away from that. Accessorize with earrings, bracelets and rings/hair jewelry.

Sweetheart Neckline:

You have the choice of going with a pendant/chain style or add a bolder chunky necklace.

Square Neckline:

The best compliment is a short choker; go with a chunky one, a pendant chain ensemble or a strand of pearls.

Draped Neckline:

This can only accommodate a short, dainty necklace if anything at all.

Round, Scoop or Cowl Neckline:

This is one of the easier styles to accessorize. If the neckline is very high, you will want to go for a long necklace. If the neckline is a bit lower, a short necklace/choker will look fantastic. Avoid anything that just hits the neckline.

Let me know if you find this helpful or if you have any questions.

Meanwhile, I need to start thinking about my next give- away for the end of August!


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