When You Think All is Going as Planned

Ever get a vision in your head as to exactly what your finished piece of jewelry will look like once done, going so far as to sketch it out to make sure everything is perfect? Your working on it and boy, it looks great. All of a sudden you come to a complete halt and say, what the heck?? It wasn't supposed to end up like this :(!

Well, let me tell you, it happens to all of us! Yes, even those who create the beautiful masterpieces you see posted everywhere. Guess what. None of us were born with the knowledge, we learned it through trial and error.

A little while ago, I reached out to the members on one of my Facebook groups and asked everyone to post there very first completed attempt at creating wire wrapped jewelry. It was histerical! I think we all had great laughs over that. The purpose of the request was to show the newer budding artists that we all began somewhere and to not give up. There was a lot of appreciated feedback and new found confidence after that.

Just remember, when you think all is going as planned, the piece you are working on will have other ideas!! That is not a bad thing, it's your wire telling you this is how it should be. I believe each piece has it's own personality and it speaks to us whether we want to listen or not!

Sterling Pendant.jpg


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